How to Travel in Comfort and Style

Having just gotten back from a long flight (about 24 hours traveling time), I thought I would post on some comfy clothes to make your airplane journey more comfortable. All these outfits are designed to get your shoes off quickly, keep you warm and cool (because we all know temperatures fluctuate between 40 degrees and 100 degrees in planes and airports), and make you look good.

First off, your bag should be big enough to carry: travel documents, book/nook and magazines, a water bottle, a snack, and a few makeup items. It shouldn’t be too heavy because you do have to carry it around. Definitely have something for your entertainment and to keep you going like pretzels, fruit, or mixed nuts.

Second, Leggings and scarves are a life saver. Leggings because they are so comfortable and versatile, and scarves because they keep you warm and you can use them as a blanket or pillow.

Third, wear comfy shoes that are easy to take off. Boots, Toms, and sandals are perfect because there are no laces. Your footwear will also of course be determined by your final destination.

How to Travel in Comfort and Style


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