Leather Jackets

With all these it’s important to define a look. You can mix differends trends as I’ve done here but you have to have a purpose.
Look one: this outfit works because idea is a traditional leather look: leather jacket and leather boots. Everything here is classic which is why it works,

Look two: this works for the same reason 1 works. It’s the typical bad girl in leather jacket looking to kick some @$$.

Look three: this look strays a little further away from typical leather jackets. The jacket is simple enough, but combine it with a maxi skirt and its the perfect outfit for a breezy autumn day.

Look four: This is a way to dress a leather jacket up. The sequins top and shoes match and the leather jacket and leather pants match. You can wear this to a club, a nice restaurant, for a late night stroll.

Look five: Wile the other looks have been a little harder, this outfit brings out a sweeter side to the leather jacket. This is a perfect summer, early fall outfit. A sweet short dress with sandals or heeled sandals and a leather jacket to make it look more together.

Leather Jackets


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