A Splash of Color

The first outfit is very neutral except for the bright green loafers. All the outfits have one common theme; they stick to neutral colors and have one or two pieces that make the outfit pop. I recommend these looks for people who want to try something new or a new color.

The second outfit combines two really great trends: red and animal print. You saw in the Emmys post that red is super red hot. Actually my alma mater did a study that showed men think women who wear red are more attractive (insert link). Some people may not know this but red is actually a neutral color. It works with almost any color combination but it also pops. Animal print can be understated or over the top, but this outfit balances the two. A bright red jacket with understated animal print flats.

This third outfit is probably more applicable to spring, but change the colors you are using and change it to red/gold/deep purple jacket/shoes combo and you will be golden.

The last outfit reminds me of a warm summer day. Another outfit probably more applicable to spring or summer, but it’s still 90 degrees here so it’ll work. To switch ut up we added the teal skirt as the item to pop while keeping everything classic and

A Splash of Color



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