Fall trends: Ponchos

The poncho returns for the fall 2011 fashion trend of the week. I was a little hesitant about the poncho because it reminds me of cinco de mayo parties and peruvian costumes but they have been growing on my since they have changed to be more mature. I would wear then with leggings, a tight skirt or tight jeans.

Stripes: This is very simple. I would pair this particular poncho with black leggings and boots. Black and brown is actually very good together.

plaid: This poncho is good for winter. It’s lined with fleece which gives it warmth and it also has a simple plaid pattern to make it look so not over the top.

Fringe: This one dabbles in being a little cheesy, but worn right and it could definitely look good.

Tribal: This one is keeping with another fall 2011 trend of tribal print.

Fur: another warm poncho. This one is a little classier and could be worn at night with a dress and heels.

Ponchos by loripm featuring a h&m poncho

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