Moneyball Premier

On Monday September 19, 2011, I went to the premier of Moneyball in Oakland, CA.  Moneyball is a movie about the Oakland A’s and more specifically about their coach, Billy Beane who developed  a new way of analyzing the game.  A lot of the celebs and players came over to say hi and sign autographs and a few waved their hands to at least acknowledge us.  Still, a few coughBillyBeanecough, did neither.   I had an awesome time checking out celebrities and an even better time critiquing the clothes!! Here are a few of my favorites and some not so good ones.

I love the dress on the left. It is simple and elegant, and the woman wearing it is gorgeous!

This dress is very sexy, but still understated. Clearly her man is the one getting all the attention and she makes him look good. I love how she styled this with her shoes and gold jewelry!

I love this dress as well!  I do think she was anticipating it being a little colder than it was (it was 80 degrees out) so I would’ve gone with a different style, but overall it’s cute.

I am so in love with this dress.  It is perfect for her age and grace.  It stands out without drawing too much attention.

I  wish I could’ve gotten a better picture of the dress from the front.  The front is a darker gray.  It is very well tailored and I am a major fan of long sleeves on short dresses.  She probably also thought it would be cooler in Oakland, but she didn’t look out of place.  Another dress that is right for her age.

Read more about our experience at Super Star Gossip

So what do YOU think?  Who had the best red carpet attire??


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