How to Wear it: Wedges

Balanced:  I call this look balanced because sometimes when you wear skinny jeans and wedges your feet just end up looking enormous.  I added the leg warmers around the ankle to balance the bottom half off and a matching sweater on top to add some volume to the top.  This is perfect for Fall 2011.  It just makes me want to grab a Chai and read on my Nook.

Nice: This look features a nicer look for work or after work drinks.  This wedge is perfect to make the outfit look nicer and it also combines the fall trends of lace for this year.

Casual: This is another outfit that makes me want to warm myself by a fire and just hang out.  The kind of burnt orange is very trendy right now as is the faux fur vest.

Retro: This is a throwback to the 60s.  You may be able to wear this to work if it’s super casual, but this outfit reminds me of going to a philosophy class to discuss Aristotle and Plato.

How to Wear it: Wedges


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