Style It! The Sweater Dress

One of my favorite trends is the sweater dress. It is always so hard to look cute when it’s cold outside and here are 3 perfect solutions to keeping you warm and making you look good.

This look features a patterned sweater dress with simple accessories. This is perfect for a cold winter day. Pairing it with thick tights, good boots, and a warm peacock is perfect to keep you warm and cozy throughout your day.

This outfit features a simple sweater dress with a skinny belt and matching boots. One of my favorite looks with skirts or dress this fall is over the knee socks. Not only is it practical (by keeping your exposed legs warmer), but it looks cute as well.

This look features a couple different ways to style the sweater dress. Sweater dresses are supposed to be warm, but adding an additional cardigan and jacket can help depending on where you live and what the weather is like. Living in some place like San Francisco, it always starts out cold, sometimes gets warmer, and ends up being cold again as the fog rolls in. This outfit you can complete with a hat, gloves, and scarf depending on how warm you want to be.

Style It! The Sweater Dress


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