Style It! The Pencil Skirt

The pencil skirt is a staple in any young woman’s wardrobe. It is perfect for work, dates, or dressing up for girls night. Here are a few looks mainly for the office.

This look can be either for work or playtime. It is definitely for a more modern office. The bright skirt is accented by the flowy patterned blouse. The simple trench skirt pulls it together and is very simple because the rest of the outfit stands out on its own.

This look is for the office. Whether giving a presentation, attending a job interview, or just looking to impress your coworkers, a skirt suit is ideal. It is very simple and sleek and says ‘I am here for business’.

Here is another skirt for a more conservative office. This would be perfect for the early Fall or you could wear it through winter with a scarf and some tights. The key for this one is to make sure the sweater is form fitting, otherwise it could make you look old and unpolished. While the style of it all isn’t that conservative, the colors are which is why is would work in almost any office.

I love the colors in this outfit. Because it is a deep purple it will work for Fall, but you can definitely bring it out again in Spring. The colors are really fun and everything is color coordinated. This look is so versatile because you can combine different color skirts with different cardigans.

The Pencil Skirt

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