Leather Jackets

With all these it’s important to define a look. You can mix differends trends as I’ve done here but you have to have a purpose.
Look one: this outfit works because idea is a traditional leather look: leather jacket and leather boots. Everything here is classic which is why it works,

Look two: this works for the same reason 1 works. It’s the typical bad girl in leather jacket looking to kick some @$$.

Look three: this look strays a little further away from typical leather jackets. The jacket is simple enough, but combine it with a maxi skirt and its the perfect outfit for a breezy autumn day.

Look four: This is a way to dress a leather jacket up. The sequins top and shoes match and the leather jacket and leather pants match. You can wear this to a club, a nice restaurant, for a late night stroll.

Look five: Wile the other looks have been a little harder, this outfit brings out a sweeter side to the leather jacket. This is a perfect summer, early fall outfit. A sweet short dress with sandals or heeled sandals and a leather jacket to make it look more together.

Leather Jackets


Sailor Halloween Costume

Ahoy Sailors! Being a sailor for halloween is soo perfect! There are never a shortage of nautical styles. The two styles on the left are premade for you.  The first is from Forever21 and the second is from Love Culture.  Both are under 20 dollars.  All you need are some heels, a hat, and you are on your way!

Homemade Halloween Sailor

A Splash of Color

The first outfit is very neutral except for the bright green loafers. All the outfits have one common theme; they stick to neutral colors and have one or two pieces that make the outfit pop. I recommend these looks for people who want to try something new or a new color.

The second outfit combines two really great trends: red and animal print. You saw in the Emmys post that red is super red hot. Actually my alma mater did a study that showed men think women who wear red are more attractive (insert link). Some people may not know this but red is actually a neutral color. It works with almost any color combination but it also pops. Animal print can be understated or over the top, but this outfit balances the two. A bright red jacket with understated animal print flats.

This third outfit is probably more applicable to spring, but change the colors you are using and change it to red/gold/deep purple jacket/shoes combo and you will be golden.

The last outfit reminds me of a warm summer day. Another outfit probably more applicable to spring or summer, but it’s still 90 degrees here so it’ll work. To switch ut up we added the teal skirt as the item to pop while keeping everything classic and

A Splash of Color


Real Outfits: Meliora

This is me a few years back at Meliora Weekened which is my university’s alumni weekend. I am posting it now because there are still things that are applicable-the mustard peacoat, the burnt orange scarf, and while fake uggs may never actually be fashionable, they are comfortable and keep your feet warm so it’s excusable (but only in places where it’s actually cold).

All That Glitters is Gold

These two looks were inspired by Serena Van Der Woodsen’s style. What makes this look work is bringing together something that is supposed to be more formal with a loose tank and a blazer that makes it look more casual.  Add a pair of sneakers and this look would look just as good.

All That Glitters is Gold

Fall trends: Ponchos

The poncho returns for the fall 2011 fashion trend of the week. I was a little hesitant about the poncho because it reminds me of cinco de mayo parties and peruvian costumes but they have been growing on my since they have changed to be more mature. I would wear then with leggings, a tight skirt or tight jeans.

Stripes: This is very simple. I would pair this particular poncho with black leggings and boots. Black and brown is actually very good together.

plaid: This poncho is good for winter. It’s lined with fleece which gives it warmth and it also has a simple plaid pattern to make it look so not over the top.

Fringe: This one dabbles in being a little cheesy, but worn right and it could definitely look good.

Tribal: This one is keeping with another fall 2011 trend of tribal print.

Fur: another warm poncho. This one is a little classier and could be worn at night with a dress and heels.

Ponchos by loripm featuring a h&m poncho

Fall Trends 2011: Rose Gold Watches

Keeping with more Fall Trends 2011, I’d like to focus on rose gold boyfriends watches. I have a Fossil Rose Gold watch (the first watch shown) and I can’t count the number of compliments I get on it. Most people mistake it for the Michael Kors Blair Watch which is a compliment because it’s 100 dollars more than mine. I also considered getting that one, but I liked that the Fossil Rose Gold watch was a little more understated. The rose gold color plus the boyfriend watch trend are perfect for fall. The rose gold reminds me of fall and the boyfriend watch is good for being practical and stylish. Which one of these is your favorite??

Rose Gold Watches

Moneyball Premier

On Monday September 19, 2011, I went to the premier of Moneyball in Oakland, CA.  Moneyball is a movie about the Oakland A’s and more specifically about their coach, Billy Beane who developed  a new way of analyzing the game.  A lot of the celebs and players came over to say hi and sign autographs and a few waved their hands to at least acknowledge us.  Still, a few coughBillyBeanecough, did neither.   I had an awesome time checking out celebrities and an even better time critiquing the clothes!! Here are a few of my favorites and some not so good ones.

I love the dress on the left. It is simple and elegant, and the woman wearing it is gorgeous!

This dress is very sexy, but still understated. Clearly her man is the one getting all the attention and she makes him look good. I love how she styled this with her shoes and gold jewelry!

I love this dress as well!  I do think she was anticipating it being a little colder than it was (it was 80 degrees out) so I would’ve gone with a different style, but overall it’s cute.

I am so in love with this dress.  It is perfect for her age and grace.  It stands out without drawing too much attention.

I  wish I could’ve gotten a better picture of the dress from the front.  The front is a darker gray.  It is very well tailored and I am a major fan of long sleeves on short dresses.  She probably also thought it would be cooler in Oakland, but she didn’t look out of place.  Another dress that is right for her age.

Read more about our experience at Super Star Gossip

So what do YOU think?  Who had the best red carpet attire??